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Creating Good Jobs

Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin cut red tape to help local small businesses expand, hire, and innovate. She has balanced local and state budgets, created a small business loan access program, connected students with local employers, and wrote laws hailed as a “Job Creators” by the California Chamber of Commerce.

As a councilmember, Jacqui helped make Thousand Oaks a business-friendly city with thousands of new, good-paying jobs, and she has brought that same philosophy to Sacramento. Jacqui is working hard to help our local businesses and create jobs by creating new hiring incentives, streamlining regulations and permitting, and investing in transit and renewable energy—the same principles that helped foster strong job growth and development in Thousand Oaks. She also believes we can make our economy vibrant again if we commit to fiscal responsibility. This means paying down our debt and balancing the budget without fail. Jacqui will continue to bring Democrats and Republicans together to get these things done, setting aside differences to continue to provide effective leadership in Sacramento.


Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin recognizes successful futures begin with a good education and opportunity for students. That's why she fought to secure $22 million in state funding for the UC Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative (hailed as a job creator by the California Chamber of Commerce). She delivered state funding to create an engineering program at CSU Channel Islands, authored and successfully passed legislation to expand access to our local community colleges and ensured veterans and students harmed by for-profit college industry school closures are protected.

Jacqui believes California should be a leader in public education. This means committing funding and working with all stakeholders to find creative solutions and opportunities.  Education shouldn't be a privilege; that includes higher education, which should be an affordable option for everyone. Jacqui believes we must think long term: Investing in education gives us a skilled workforce that can think analytically and compete globally. It improves our economy and our quality of life.

Keeping Families Safe

Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin is committed to the safety of children and neighborhoods. That's why she has authored legislation to provide parents with the ability to monitor their child's credit report to protect against identity theft. She is leading the fight to ban the sale, manufacturing, and distribution of powdered alcohol to help combat adolescent binge drinking and she is recognized as a leader in Cybersecruity in the Legislature.

As a mother of three children, Jacqui understands that keeping our families safe is a constant concern. Under her leadership as mayor, the city of Thousand Oaks was ranked as the safest city in California. During the recession, she fought to keep funding sources available so as not to cut front line services in public safety. She worked to create a Social Host Ordinance to reduce underage binge drinking. She led the effort to create drug addiction awareness in our schools and put School Resource Officers on campuses. Above all, Jacqui has made sure that government is a partner of law enforcement. She's made sure our law enforcement professionals receive the funding and support they need to prevent assault, drugs, gangs and gun crime. Jacqui also believes the state needs to crack down on sex offenders and increase channels of support for victims. Her pragmatic, problem-solving approach has brought Democrats and Republicans together to support the needs of peace officers, firefighters and first responders. That's why Sheriff Geoff Dean, firefighters and over twenty law enforcement agencies support Jacqui for State Assembly.


By cutting through years of stalled bureaucratic red tape, Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin successfully led efforts to open up a pipeline bringing much needed recycled water to Oxnard farmers. She has worked to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve our water quality and encourage sustainable farming through the expansion of organic food waste recycling and she expanded Solar Energy Programs to help CA residents save money. While serving on the City Council, she spearheaded the efforts to make the wastewater treatment facility operate on 100% renewable energy.